NIVEA Reversible Black & White Dress

Pre-roll, activatie, Social, Pos

With NIVEA Invisible for Black & White deodorant black and white clothes will last longer. As ultimate proof, we designed the Reversible Black & White Dress in collaboration with Tony Cohen. This dress can be worn inside out, has a value of € 399, - and is characterized by the high quality finish of haute couture. That is quality that you want to cherish. The Reversible Black & White Dress is a limited edition of 150 items and can be won at Etos after purchasing two NIVEA promotional products.

Agency: FCB Amsterdam, Creatives: Rolf Bais, Viet Ta Trong, Wouter Kampman, Creative Lead: Dimitri Hubregtse, Michael Kouwenhoven | ECD: Massimo van der Plas | Director: Tom Titulaer (Made.For.Digital) | D.O.P: Thomas van Krugten