Ad graveyard

Cannes lions that could have been - Ideas that for various reasons have not seen the light of day, but are too fun not to share.

AMAZON OXYGEN - 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced in the Amazon rainforest and the Cerrado savanna. To create buzz for the fact that we have to protect the lungs of the earth, we start to sell ‘premium air’ from the Amazon. Because the air in the Amazon is healthier than the air here. Applied in the correct way, oxygen-enriched air can increase the feeling of well-being and as an indirect result, the quality of life. We start with a couple of influencers using a Amazon oxygen mask, creating buzz around the brand supported by out-of-home advertising. All these touch points link to the Amazon oxygen webshop. Daydreaming: can we open a Amazon Oxygen, Pop-up store, or an Oxygen Café? All proceeds go to reforestation projects.

L'ORÉAl Everybody is an influencer - Even influencers look at other women for inspiration. Even influencers follow. Their followers follow them. And then the bystanders follow the followers. It’s a concatenation that once in a cycle comes full circle. Influencers are followers and vice versa. Even you have influence. Even you are inspiring. Maybe your reach isn’t big. But if you change one woman, you change the street scene. Just like the woman that changed you. You are a style icon. For one person or for thousands. So, act accordingly. It’s not difficult. Be yourself. The best version of yourself. Because you’re worth it.

MAKRO MERRY BUSINESS - Santa Claus and Sinterklaas are purebred entrepreneurs. In fact, they will blow your mind. They have a mail order company that delivers to nearly 8,000,000 households in just 1 day. Consider the planning, logistics and purchasing involved. We can learn from them. And that starts with their Makro visit. They take the holidays serious! Merry Business is a campaign where we make Santa Claus and Sinterklaas spokesperson at the same level as the Makro target group.

EASYJET WANDERBAR - Research shows that people generally do not travel to visit a specific place. They travel to have an adventure, escape, relax and rejuvenate, celebrate, and for social confirmation. The destination therefore does not matter. Therefore embrace the spontaneity and the adventurer in yourself and leave the choice of the destination to the easyJet Wanderbar. If ou book a Wander ticket you do not hear the destination until the day of departure.

NIVEA SUN SQUAD - Protecting your skin against the sun is important. But easy to forget. That's why we introduce the NIVEA Sun Squad. Dogs trained to identify by odor whether you are protected or not. If you're not, the dog will sit next to you so you can protect yourself with the NIVEA bottle under his neck. Goal is a social video that kapitalises on the heritage of NIVEA with sympathetic and educational activations.

OUT OF STOCK - The image bank of Getty Images contains more than 46 million images. To motivate existing and new users to scroll through the images we introduce 'Out of Stock'. A new t-shirt label with qualitative t-shirts with an image from the Getty image bank. Each t-shirt is unique and therefore directly 'Out of Stock'. This way, we are capitalising on the cult that exists around stock images and we are turning Art Directors into a billboard.

ALBINO SUN PROJECT - The NIVEA Albino Sun Project draws attention to the problems that albino people have to live with every day. Not only are there more albinos in Africa, less or no sunlotion is available, and the sun is practically always shining. Of course we give sunlotion and we teach local residents to produce sunlotion themselves. But we also want to change the mentality of Africans towards their albino fellow man. For example, by supporting local charities in their information provision and training programs.

SERVIES - Dishwasher safe plates, bowls and mugs. In other words: Tableware with filth printed on it. Saving water has never been more fun, Just shake it of and put right back into the cupboard. The ultimate gift for your when you move out.

NESPRESSO WOLRLD CUPS - From the 12th of June to the 13th of July 2014, the FIFA World Cup will be played in Brazil. Nespresso is responding to this with a special edition: we release the Dulsão do Brasil cup in the flag colors of the 32 participating countries.

THUISTENUE - The World Cup in Brazil is broadcast in the Netherlands in the evening and at night. With the Thuistenue (a nightgown in the form of a team uniform) you step out of your bed, into your fan outfit. This way you can still get some sleep during the World Cup.

DUREX SLEEPING BAG - Entering the bed in never been so safe. A sleeping bag in the shape of a condom. A cool gift to give to your best size (which is secretly a bit of dick).