Wouter Kampman

Art Director/Designer

Hi there! I am an Art Director / Designer. Trained by old ad-man, but a digital native. You can see it in the work I make. It starts old-fashioned with an idea, but is executed in modern media.

At this moment I am working at FCB Amsterdam / McCann Amsterdam (formerly DraftFCB, Lowe / DraftFCB). Before FCB / McCann I worked at Idea Industry and Locomotive. In the time I spent at FCB Amsterdam since 2010, I have worked for various clients such as L'Oréal, Mastercard, DAF / Paccar, Nespresso, Beiersdorf, Air Miles, Mitsubishi, ING, Nuon, Unilever, KPMG, Police and Fashioncheque. I’m responsible for the origination of conceptual ideas and activation of content, leading and driving the creative process from brief through to delivery. This includes layouts, graphic design, giving presentations, directing shoots, managing external creative talent and partners, post-production, overseeing print, digital and video productions.