Amsterdam Open Air

Event & social

There is a true revolution going on in festival land. Cash is a thing of the past and contactless payment has become the new standard. Mastercard fulfills a pioneering role. In collaboration with ID & T it made Amsterdam Open Air one of the first Dutch festivals without cash or coins. To celebrate this, we organized 'Priceless' activations on behalf of Mastercard during the festival.

Agency: FCB Amsterdam | Creatives: Viet Ta Trong, Rolf Bais, Wouter Kampman, Massimo van der Plas (CCO) | Director: Thomas Melgers(FastForwardFilm) | DOP: Rico Franse | Editors: Bas van Schellen & Eduard Grob | Event organisatie: Bas Ouweneel (Baas Amsterdam) | Fotografie: Jelle Draper